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Wasting Everyone’s Time

The point of Okcupid is to match you up with someone who’s personality is similar, hence the alpha-load of questions they ask at the beginning.  I guess I’m a delta alpha because I answered mine honestly.  At the top of … Continue reading

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Mo Fo Man Ho Part 3 (Since when are you my therapist?)

Geez, does this guy ever give up?  Oh and by the way I don’t recall hiring you as my therapist so what’s up with the cheesy 70’s conversation???  

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How Not To Get An Email Response

Okay, came home from happy hour last night and found this.  Now, I didn’t send an email back.  He probably meant it cutesy, but again it’s all about the introduction.  What really got my back up so to speak is … Continue reading

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What I am Looking For

Okay, in all of these posts I don’t think I make it clear what I’m looking for.   I’m not looking to get married in the immediate future or have kids right away.  In fact, I’m not sure I want kids … Continue reading

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The Shawshank Redemption of Frogs

So I’m talking to my friend Cat, the one who coined the term BACON, last night.  I text him a photo of the latest bacon.  Essentially this guy whom I have exchanged emails with 3 times (the 3rd email him … Continue reading

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Super Smart

Back in December, this guy hits me up and we start emailing on the site.  We find out we work in the same vicinity we just don’t name a company.  As I am sending my email to ask which company; … Continue reading

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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