Keeping It Classy

Apparently I’m not done with the frogs. Got a call at work today from someone I don’t know within the org.  Turns out one of the FWB’s, from forever ago, started working at my company. He was calling from a co-workers phone and he asked if we could meet up for a few.  This guy and I parted ways on good terms, so I agreed.

Meeting him was just weird. He’s now married and we are so far apart in where we are in our lives. While I understand why he did this, there is a remote possibility we could run into each other and he didn’t want to blindside me, it was just weird. He’s still a really nice guy and I’m surprised he remembered my name and that I work here. After thinking about it for a bit; I believe this was the right call to make.  I think it felt weird because how many of us practice / receive an act of class throughout our day to day lives?



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