Nutshell: Relationship with Narcissist

Yup – this much is true.  He had the same choices that I did and made some pretty bad ones.  Instead of being mature about it and excepting the consequences of his actions – he turned it on me.  He made me feel that I was lacking and never good enough.I wasn’t just right – no matter what I did.   This is why on the dating site I advertised for a guy who can hold his own, who is honest and mature, one who communicates and wants to be a partner.  One who sees the good in you and fosters it and knows that if he’s fostering you – he’s fostering a great relationship.

The sad thing about a Narcissist is that they will never – ever change.  They will never look deep inside of them and work on the issues that need to be changed.  Instead, they will move from victim to victim sucking the life out.


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