After I posted – I found another blogger’s take on the incident.  Check out the last line – letting them see us do better! Yup, parents it starts with you.  Kids might not always make the right decisions all the time, but if you instill values and morals – they may make the right decision 97% of the time.

To Brock Turner’s Father, From Another Father

Here is her story.

You love your son and you should. But love him enough to teach him to own the terrible decisions he’s made, to pay the debt to society as prescribed, and then to find a redemptive path to walk, doing the great work in the world that you say he will.

For now though, as one father to another: help us teach our children to do better—by letting them see us do better.


This Stanford Dad is absolutely disgusting. Such entitlement!  No words to the victim….just everything is entirely unfair towards his son and his 20 minutes of action.  This is why parents need to be parents and not just friends with their children.  It’s a hard job – I get it and sometimes your kids won’t like you when you have to make an unpopular decision.  Guaranteed if this dad had been a true father and not his son’s best friend this wouldn’t have happened. Step up / woman up / man up and set the proper example. Stop letting your spouse parent.  Stop thinking they are just kids – play now and learn later.  No, your children learn from you – you are their primary research and resource subject. This is a perfect example.

If the son knew right from wrong and had been taught morals -this wouldn’t have happened.  Seems dad was an entitled asshat and passed his views and beliefs on to his son.  I doubt that kid ever heard the word no – or had to do chores – ever heard clean up after yourself – or ever had a spanking. Take a look at parents who have cheated  – how many children of those relationship- cheat?  How many think cheating isn’t a big deal? How many children follow their parents example, when it comes to racism and treating people of different cultures? Take a minute and think about it. What kind of child do you want?

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  1. Mckenzie says:

    Thank you very much for writing this. I have been a long time follower of your uploads.

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