Love These Posts

Love posts like this:

I just thought I’d share something really special today….

My husband is literally the best support system I’ve ever had! Wether it’s my part-time job at Sally Beauty, my photography side gig, or my Posh, he’s always there rooting me on and pushing me to grow in any way possible. About a week ago he said he wanted to set aside a space in our guest bedroom and help me make a little office station for my Posh stash…today he messaged me while at training, told me to look at my orders, and I saw he made a shaving gel purchase (which mind you he barely ever uses anything like that to shave cause dry shaving is “faster”)….he then tells me that he wanted to help me get to Pink, so he thought he would place an order to help me out. How great is that?! Anyone else here have some amazing and Posh-supportive husbands, kids, parents, etc.?


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