(Oh Say it isn’t so..) It’s Better For Your Health to Be Alone Than Trapped In an Unhappy Relationship

1. Don’t have to put up with other peoples bullshit and disrespect.
2. Don’t have to share the bed, or the couch or the bathroom.
3. Can always kick the other person out in the morning.
4. Can come home any time you want.
5. Peace of mind!

It’s been the punchline of many a best man’s speech over the years but now it’s official.

Experts say it is better to be single than be involved in a poor-quality relationship.

A study found that being trapped in an unhappy partnership is so damaging to a person’s health, they would be better off alone.

What’s more, it gets worse the longer you are together, the researchers concluded.

Happily, they found that the reverse is also true – that being in a high-quality relationship benefits your physical and mental health.
The research team from the University of Buffalo in New York studied the relationships of young people from rural Iowa.

The subjects were from two-parent, married families, but the majority were not married.

With growing numbers of people now choosing to put off marriage in favour of more casual relationships, the scientists wanted to look at the impact this had on their health.
They asked the participants about the quality of their relationships, questioning how committed they were, how they dealt with criticism, and the support and affection they gave and received.

The team also asked how the partners behaved outside of the relationship – including whether they engage in risky behaviour.

Ashley Barr, assistant professor in the university’s department of sociology, said the research showed that the longer people are in high-quality relationships – or, alternatively, the faster they got out of low-quality partnerships – the better their health.

‘Health benefits begin to accrue relatively quickly with high-quality relationships and supportive contexts,’ she said.

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