Their Normalcy Is a Lie

I wish more people got to see the true face of these people –  not the one they put on. It would end the surprise and the you have to be kidding me. Fill in the blank with name, how can this be so, X is a  caring, generous, honest, hardworking, great mother / great father, great husband / wife, etc. etc.  Surely you aren’t serious? And not one bit of it is true.  It’s really sad that their friends and acquaintances don’t get to see the other side. These people become victims and ultimately judge the one telling the truth – because they just don’t see it.  They don’t get to see the behind the scenes trying to make it work, the lies, and tears, the sacrifices and hopelessness that led to the decision being made.  They didn’t get to see how your feelings weren’t worth a damn to this person – or how about you’re supposed to be okay with things the other person or any normal person for that matter – wouldn’t be okay with.  The sacrifices that you made – that the other person just blithely shrugs off.

What it boils down to is it was your fault…..of course it was.  Why are you getting angry over something.  Why are you yelling again?  What’s wrong with you.  It becomes crystal clear that the other person doesn’t give a damn.  The moment you stand up for you and demand what’s fair and just – it’ll all over.  You finally get to see how the other person is and how they will never change and all that’s left for others who haven’t yet had this experience is charm.



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2 Responses to Their Normalcy Is a Lie

  1. MeanOne says:

    So maybe someone wasn’t quite the witch she was made out to be? No one is perfect. Mistakes are made and lessons are learned(except on the narcissists side).
    The biggest lesson here is that there is always 2 sides. Don’t blindly believe the person you are dating because he is obviously only going to let you see the parts that make him look the victim. Half truths and omissions….
    The ex has an important story to tell. Don’t blindly dismiss her.
    Lesson learned?
    Best of luck for next time…

    • livelysprite says:

      Hi thanks for your comment! aThis was truly a narcissist rant! I was speaking about the ex as yours and my current ex – not their ex. However you do bring up a great point with that comment. How many of us get to hear from the other persons ex? Not often. That could lead to some interesting scenarios.


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