So It Begins Again

People have asked if I’m ready to start dating again and honestly – I’m ready to settle down with that one person.  I’ve been ready to settle down.  So on a lark I re-activated the Ok Cupid profile.  And Oh HELL NO.  The Fuckery began immediately.  It’s still as shit-tastic as it was 3 years ago.

The Categories are:

Lack of Game – Hey sexy, hi gorgeous, why are you still single……Seriously men what the fuck ever happened to hi, how are you doing?  I only received one intelligent question…..One in a week.  That’s pretty sad.  And the guy asked me what I thought about Saint John in Jane Eyre.

Those Who Don’t Read My Profile – No photo – no profile = no response

The Unmasked Assholes – I had a busy end of the week so I didn’t respond in one day to someone.  All he does is send me an email stating Answer…..I responded bitchily that I’m sorry I’ve had a busy last few days.  He still didn’t get it because he responds that’s not what I asked you.

Assholes in General – Wants to meet on the 2nd day you’ve been on with little or no communication.  Tell him you want to establish a baseline – I didn’t think this was a chatting site thought it was a dating site – pass.

In the end – I don’t want to deal with anyone elses’s shit right now.  I just really don’t.  I don’t want to answer emails from random people and have to be nice.  I don’t want to have to wonder how they will disappoint me – or how much of an asshole they are – what they are hiding – having to get to know someone  – any of it.  Yeah it sounds nice to go out on dates and things, but I’m not really looking forward to any of it.  None of it – even the fact that the holidays are coming up doesn’t scare me.  Eh – I’ve been alone before and I’ve made it through. No – I can’t do it.




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