Duplicity and Silver Foxes You Might Be The Last Hope

Last night I went out for drinks, with someone I have known for over 10 years. Person in question told me that they have been attracted to me and they have liked me for some time. They are now acting on this since they aren’t married. Fair play. All seemed to be going well two hours in ….greuntil, he looked at me and said friends with benefits what do you think about it.

(record scratch) Excuse me, what? As I started putting on my coat to go home, he realized he had deeply offended me. Then came the I’m really sorry, I’ve fucked up, I didn’t mean to insult you…… etc you didn’t mean to insult me what the fuck just came outta your mouth! He mannered up enough to keep apologizing while walking me to my car.

Driving home it became clear to me- I have two choices of action:

1. Cat hoarder

2. Open up the dating range to the 60s silver foxes? There are some risks and benefits with this. You might need viagra or I might kill you in bed but I’m assuming these guys are the last of the gentlemen out there. The kind of men who still hold open doors, pull out chairs, stand when I leave the table to powder my nose….. have drinks and never mention friends with benefits!

My friend posted this for me last night. She was equally pissed:



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