Consideration Always Pays Off

Last month, work sent me on a trip.  It was a 15+ hour trip for 2.5 days.  So you can imagine that I had been up since the crack of dawn (+6) hour time zone, was tired of being in a plane, level of overall crankiness and I just wanted to get home.  I prefer the aisle seat, hands down.  The last portion of the trip was a puddle jumper – it was a 45 minute flight. Here I’m am sitting in my aisle seat, happy to be an hour from home, comfortable, etc; when this guy starts looking my way.  Please note that this guy is over 6 foot tall… the 6’5″ – 6’7″ range.  We’re on a puddle jumper and there’s NO EXTRA SPACE.

He stopped at our row and I looked at him and then I snickered. It was rude – I was punchy….it was what it was.  At that moment, I knew that no matter how much I wanted that aisle seat – it wasn’t worth the pain that was about to go down to fold him into the window seat. So I said I’ll just slide over.  He said thank you and that he really appreciated it.  Between stepping in and not banging his head on the overhead compartment it would have been a show.

Long story short – he appreciated the gesture so much that he’s asked me to lunch.  He lives an hour and a half from me – so he’s the one driving an hour and me 30 to meet up for lunch.  This should be interesting.

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