Open Marriage

Ask me again why I’m on the site? Met up for a drink with a guy who told me he was divorced and had 1 child. Wow that all changed.

I understand admitting you had an open marriage isn’t a selling point. When your second child is 2 and you’ve been divorced for 2 years. Mhm. I told him straight up that this was too much. Put the open marriage issue aside; you have two baby mamas. That’s twice the drama.

He walked me to my car which was very nice. Once there he asked for a kiss. Are you out of your fucking mind? Here is a guy who repeatedly said I don’t mind taking it slow….. we aren’t in Europe with the air kissing and secondly I turned you down. Um yeah.  Cats people ask me why I have cats! No drama! Apparently this sums it up….



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