From the last time I endured online dating, I knew that it wasn’t going to be pretty.  It’s ugly and disgusting and painful and why is it so much DOUCHIER this time around???!!!  How the hell do people meet anyone in this day and age.  Got news for you: grocery store is out – most people are married – the same with church – we all know bars are a no go and so are clubs. What’s left then….the online scene. Let me tell you about that.

  1. Having a great conversation and then the person disappears.  Online dating is a disposable buffet. I purposely pinged one guy because on his profile it stated he can’t handle people who disappear.  Any guesses as to what happened??? Yup disappeared on me.  Players the lot of you.
  2. The fucking pick up lines.  If I wanted to hear hey baby, hey sexy, hey beautiful I could find some construction workers! Trust me if this is all you got – I don’t want it.
  3. Sexting – Just because you have a date once doesn’t give you the right to even text about it.  Just because someone has agreed to meet you doesn’t give you the right to EVEN begin thinking about it either.
  4. Instant gratification – Look, I don’t do same day meet ups.  If I’m worth it – show me – reserve my time. My name isn’t Big Mac and I’m not available through the drive thru. Ladies we should unite and stop this nonsense.  I’m thinking it is a large part of the ghosting / cricketing/ never communicating again process is because there is someone else willing to meet right away and sext.  At my age I’m looking for something serious – just not nonsense.  And what does this say about the men? Ugh….Oh the humanity totally fits here.
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