Another One Bites The Dust (updated)

Yesterday day late and a dollar short texts me in what would be or date. He says he’s been thinking and he guesses that you make time for the other person. But the days it would still be tough. I text him back and nicely put that I was waiting for him to say that the other night. I get he commutes but he lives so close and I’m not looking for a challenge. I wished him well. He writes back challenges are over rated. Smh smh

So another one bites the dust.  Guy wanted to meet me before I went on travel.  I’m stubborn – I’m a Taurus and I also remember these shenanigans last time around.  I’m not cramming someone who may not work out – into my weekend before I travel.  I already have tons of crap to do. So I started chatting in earnest with him about his work / commuting schedule.  He tells me and out comes the million dollar question – so when do you have time for a relationship.  He said – on my day off / telework day (Mondays) and the weekend.  There was no I make time nothing of that sort that could have changed things.

Are you freaking kidding me?!!! Three days if that.  So I straight up told him – nope I can’t do 3 days.  I travel for my work and we occasionally fly out on weekends.  I said so what if I miss you because of flights I have to wait another week to see you.  Well I didn’t think of that was his response.  So you’re 47 and you’re not thinking about it.  It’s okay cuz you won’t change and you’re not the one for me. Had you said I make time – things might be different.



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