Facebook and MEMories

love the way fb pops those memories up that you would rather forget. It’s like I’ve unfriended someone develop an algorithm that realises it and doesn’t post said memories. Am I angry today yeah. Do I intend to stay – no.

It was the whole winery / mid tour photo. You look back and realise everything was a lie. He wanted a roomie with bennies and a bay sitter….hence why you had to fight to have couple time with the dude. And it burns with anger when he says you’re needy thought you were independent. Independence doesn’t mean ignoring jackass and never spending couple time. But I guess your cover would have really been blown till you could get out of a lease huh.

And yes people who send me his profile I’ve seen it. Especially where it states he’s having a hard one trusting people. Really?! When did that happen? Cuz I was here not cheating on your lying ass when you were taking to other women. In face we lived together and I had your passwords and check book and shit. Bid for sympathy huh. Really like how he says his ex wife burned him. He played a part in that ladies don’t let the man looking for a lady in NY and wants a buffalo farm fool ya there.

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