Had a date this past weekend and it’s a no.  At first it was meh I’ll give it another go.  Upon reflection no.  So he talked about himself the whole time.  I did ask questions and I fed off what he was saying, but he never asked me anything. At the end he told me he was going on a trip this Thursday and asked when I was.  He told me we’ll talk when you get back.

So at first I considered that the guy was just nervous – hence talking about himself.  But when I was telling a friend about how it ended…something clicked. You’re going to wait 3 weeks to talk to me? Seriously? That was your graceful out I suppose, but why not just come out and say it.

Today a guy gave me his number to call him….I told him we’ve never talked I don’t feel comfortable giving a stranger my phone number.  He “deared” me.  Don’t ever dear a woman you don’t know.  That stinks of scammer slime and that you’re just a frigging asshole.  There I’ve said it….an asshole, a player, the slime between a swamp monsters toes.  Got it?  The beautiful gift he gave me was his name.  So of course I case searched that biotch. When you have 2 pages on case search dedicated just to you – I don’t think you need to be on a dating site.

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