Geeking out Lindisfarne

I was extraordinarily lucky on my last trip. I stayed over for a mini holiday with my cousins. We went to Lindisfarne. For those of you who watch Vikings or know your ancient history; Lindisfarne Isle was the site of a very brutal Viking raid on monks living there.

The trip was amazing. We were only there for 2.5 to 3 hours due to the tide table; but the place is magical. Once you get out at the car park, yes I just said that; and walk into town the isle is so peaceful. The air was crisp that morning – it was 39ish degrees out. The island is surrounded by the North Sea.

Once in town you have a choice, straight on to the priory or make a left to the castle. We were there early and decided to walk through the small village to the priory. Glad we did. We walked by the more recent church, Meade brewery (Distribution not sure what to call it) past tons of daffodils and bluebells and other flowers in back gardens. And then we arrived.

You can’t miss the priory. Even though it is in ruin, the majority of the outer walls are still standing. There was just a hush, a stillness. Because we were early the ruins weren’t open yet so we decided to walk up the slope in back and around. As we walked up the slope in back we were able to look over the nature preserve, the coast of England and see Bamburgh Castle in the distance. It was a gorgeous morning. Sailboats were moored off this part of the island. As we turned around behind us, we could peer into the priority ruins and see the riot of color there. Hanging flowers are creeping up and over the left side of the priory. Continuing on, we passed the War Memorial and down the slope heading towards the small coast.  The tide was out and many boats in the cove looked as if they had been wrecked – leaning on the mud at the bottom of the inlet.

This time we made our way to the castle. The lane winds around the cove and then straightens and everything is so green. The peaceful stillness continues. There’s a sense of energy radiating from the isle. The castle was undergoing maintenance so we weren’t allowed in but we could walk around it.  To the left we could see the tide was starting to come in and we could hear it thunder; where the tide was hitting the rocky shoreline  with white caps rolling in. Someone had taken the time to build a labrynth which was neat. The fresh sea air and wind met our faces. I could have stayed there for so much longer.

The castle appears to be a proper fortress. Walking by it looking up just amazed at the stonework that went into it. We made our way back through the center of the village past the Coast Guard hut and little shops. I would love to return for a quiet weekend retreat. The experience was amazing.

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