Good Stuff

As of Tuesday I’m going to Grad school!  My financial aid package was accepted and I’m only a grand short.  That’s nothing in the scheme of things!  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  I do travel for work and that’s where the nervousness comes in.  It’s just going to be balancing all my commitments.

In other news, I joined KIK bc a few of my overseas friends are on it.  OMG – this brings shit show to a whole new level.  When did it become okay to send a random person a photo of your abs?  Yeah like I’m going to trip all over myself for your abs or your dick….for that matter. Is that all it takes this day in age? When did this become the normal currency of savages? I’m all for meeting and talking to people and that means civilly.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because it goes on all throughout dating sites.  It’s just disappointing. ….it’s like you can’t meet nice people without seeing them naked, them asking for you naked or wanting to sext.



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