The Week

This past week has been noted as the week work tried to kill me.  Yes, I’m joking, but in all seriousness….Monday coming to work it was dark -hit the garage stairs and really hit the stairs.  Strained knee out of the whole process.  Which means I’m been a good citizen icing down my knee, no working out and taking Advil.

Good note – I got to talk to my adviser for my masters and I can register for classes now.  I’m nervous again the travel to work ration going down.  I know that this is a positive step for me.

In other observations when did it become okay for guys to ask a female her age.  Like in my book hells to the no.  It’s just poor manners.   Also if you play trivia with your ex wife weekly that in my book is a no go. It’s a little weird.

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