Dodged a bullet friends thought I was nuts. Got  the feeling early on this guy wasn’t all right. First of all he’s not 42 like his profile says…. he’s 47. When asked he was like I picked the wrong year okay why are you so upset by that. Oh I had to google your ass to find out. Red flag number one. Red flag number two – 2 marriages and the last divorce wasn’t his fault….. Red flag number three…. it’s all about me. When I told him I was buying gifts for an angel tree- I wish I didn’t have to spend Christmas alone, I hurt my knee at work 4 weeks ago and I had mentioned it – never asked- I feel like a drive can I come take you to dinner-no our set date is fine. You have too many walls don’t judge me from others and that’s when the horseshit came together.

I went to the bar Thursday night. I go to a corner pub one night a week. He asked if he could call. I said no I’m at the bar. Crickets. So I blocked him on OKC Saturday after hearing nothing knowing our Sunday date was off.  The jackass woke me up in the middle of a night with a text thru Kik. He really wanted to meet me and I was cool except I do this bar stuff. Now he can’t trust me since there is an hour between us. God knows what I’m up to. Project much? Ladies this is why man boy has been divorced twice. He even says he was SF and I’ve always doubted that. Doubting it more. He goes by BobBob on Kik. Just avoid.

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