Where Have All The Men Gone

(in the tune of the 60’s song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone) – How do I know this – History Nerd – Vietnam War Focus – Protest Song. Yes, it was written earlier, but it was picked up in the 60s. Just focus on History Nerd, but I’m still posing the question.

I’ve been out on three dates with a guy….that’s right three. So Monday said dude decided to pick a fight with me over:

1. The fact I left his New Year Party early – I specifically stated upfront I probably wouldn’t make it to the ball drop. Honestly, it’s been years since, I have to get up at 0430 in the morning.

2. I told him I started my Masters and he asked how many hours….it’s a daunting 15 – 20 hours per week.

On Monday, after telling him about No. 2 I get from him – Do you like me. Fucking seriously. This is twice now. But I bite my tongue in order to be polite and point out that- 3 dates and I’m talking to him….I’m showing interest. I mean DUH! How are you remotely confused if I like you? It’s a fucking simple equation. So he write back I’m hard to read….What the shit. So I ask how…and then I get the response that now I seem like I’m getting mad. Okay, buddy it’s obvious you are picking a fight. But I don’t know why. I’ve got two scenarios – which one is now the issue.

So I ask tell him to call me – which I do and I have to explain to an ADULT, People…an ADULT. That asking for clarifying information isn’t getting mad – it’s a two way line of communication. He then asked why I left his house. I’m tired. I then proceed to tell him I was upfront with him – he didn’t like hearing that. So I lied that I smashed an ornament (I was taking down my tree) to get off the phone with him. I cannot deal with this.

The problem – just fucking man up and tell me that you’re too insecure about everything. Will make my life a LOT fucking easier. I signed up for my masters long before I met you and I’m not giving it up. The degree will only enhance my future and my partners. So what if it’s hard work up front…..that’s what partner’s do….support, encourage and stand by each other. WHY ARE MEN SO FRIGHTENED BY AN INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, MOTIVATED WOMAN?

I don’t get it. It’s not like this is the 1950’s and someone has to play homemaker. You’re just as capable as I of taking care of the house and doing errands. There are only fur kids in this equation. If I was taking something away from you I might understand. My for-sisters fought for the right to be equal…..I have to opportunity and ability so why not?

Which leads me back to my original question. Where have all the men gone? I see meme’s about the greatest generation. The question posed is if we had to fight WWII today – would we be able to do it presently. The answer is no…. Everyone had a part then…..everyone! Look at how our grandparents stood by and supported each other during and after. It might have been tough and they might have despised it, but they did it! I’d hate to think the last generation of men died out then.

So, I’m defs like done with this dude. I should not have to validate to an ADULT what is what. Furthermore if you can’t engage in two way communication – see ya. I know he wants me to blow up and end this and I’m not. Oh yeah it’s going to be easier in the long run….I think I’m just going to start ghosting out and then tell him we don’t mesh. He could have just been honest two days ago.

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