OKC Questions

Admittedly, I never really looked at someone’s OKC questions. You know, the ones at the bottom of the page. I could pretty much tell yes or no a few years ago based on the profile. I can’t this day in age. Half the profiles say something like: hard working; easy going; loves to laugh….generically accepted. (Fill them out guys) So how did I get into the habit of looking at the questions. Back in November this guy hits me up and we started chatting. We’ve actually become pretty good friends. He asked me if I ever read the questions – he was reading mine. I was like nope and I haven’t changed those answers for probably 5 years. I should probably go back through them.

Just some observations:

Half the guys believe that jealousy is okay in a relationship…..back that up and read it again. Besides are you out of your mind – my question is why? My marriage ended because someone couldn’t see the end game. I was finishing my BA and his excuse was I cheated because you weren’t spending time with me. I’m hustling for a better future, here! I’ve come out and asked guys. One said aren’t you always jealous of your partner. (No, why should I be?) Another said it makes the sex hotter and then some just don’t answer. I have no time to be jealous of anyone – especially my partner. Also, what does this say about their values / beliefs.

Ranking up there is the open relationship question – guys actually answer yes to would you have an open relationship. Hm….yeah not the relationship criteria I’m looking for. Glad you’re honest up front.

Would it bother you if your partner flirted in front of you – No. Wait! What?! Personally I see this a rude – why should your partner flirt in front of you? Oh I get it if it was a celebrity crush, but normal every day life?

Lastly, the guys in their summary or in the response marked tell about yourself – start listing attributes that she must have. WTF – what are you going to do dock me if I wear the same color shoes. I can figure out what you want by your profile and questions – controlling men.

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