“Dumped” Over Harry Potter

So….I may alienate some of you today. I hope not. I hope we can agree to disagree because that’s what adults do. I tried something new called Coffee Meets Bagel. I got a hit right away. Had a good convo for about and hour. The second hour is where it hit the skids.

Anyone who knows me knows that I didn’t have cable in college. I was too poor for even the basic service. I missed out on a lot of movies. Well this guy asked me if I’ve ever seen Harry Potter movies. And I said not all the way through, I’ve seen a lot just flipping through TV. Honestly, I haven’t seen a full movie and I didn’t get into those details but I told him about flipping through TV. Then he asks if I’ve read the books.

This is where it went off the rails I suppose. I said no. I’m a book snob. Back in the day, a friend wanted me to read Twilight with her. I made it through the first book…..it was written at a middle school level. I just couldn’t get through the next 3. I wasn’t a fan of the writing. Same with 50 Shades. I picked it up in Barnes and Noble and no….And this is where he never responded. A 40 year old man…..who is upset that I can’t read Harry Potter. Seriously what is going on? Most adults in civilized society used to be able to agree to disagree. I guess not. He never wrote back at all….just silence. Our next disagreement would probably have been over Vampires……you know like Christopher Lee, Jonathan Frid and the hot, hot Kate Beckinsale. Not this sparkly – Bella you are my life crap.

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