Irritated like Cerberus

Man…..I’m not sure if I’m cut out for dating, at this time. The last two guys and these were on CMB. Maybe I expect too much. Not sure – I don’t know. I expect at least some intelligence.

Guy 1: Gives me his number two days in. I’m a bit skeptical, but I think the forum closes in 4 days. I respond that I’m not comfortable sharing numbers how about we move to KiK. I even give him my username. Now this guy says he’s in IT. He asks me what KiK is. Surely, if you’re in IT you have a clue – have a friend that’s using it? I read it and I’m just disgusted. And I didn’t respond. Walked out of work yesterday and he’s asking me if it’s free and what’s my username.

First of all – there is an internet browser on your phone. If it were me and I didn’t know, I’d be searching. Secondly – read my first point. Lastly, I had already given it to him. I have no time to spoon food simple things to people. I just don’t. I’m looking for a man who take initiative. This is why I had given him my username. I expected him to download the damn app and say hi.

I started talking to another guy last night. I think the personal description on CMB is too vague. Way too vague. So after talking two hours – he asks what I’m doing. I said I just got home. It’s 7 p.m. Well is tonight a good night I was going to propose we meet for drinks. WTF. We’ve only been talking for 2 hours, I tell you I just got home and anything later than a certain hour is a booty call.

I cannot deal…..

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