*Faceplant Keyboard

I got a query from a guy Monday night. I actually waited until last night to answer. I was already irritated with the whole thing, but he wrote me an email and wasn’t an outward tool like so many others. He did ask what kind of guy I was looking for. I thought that was odd can’t you glean that from my profile?

So I wrote back that my profile says I’m looking for a partner that I’m looking for an honest, hardworking, trustworthy guy. He writes back that he’s new to this and isn’t everyone looking for those features. What he wants to know am I looking for a guy with a great sense of humor, outdoorsy, etc. Again, if you can’t comprehend my profile perhaps we shouldn’t be speaking…..It gives you activities: hiking is considered outdoorsy to me – so is fishing. I never fucking responded. Just wanted to beat my head against a brick wall.

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