Tarrytown / Sleepy Hollow

This weekend a friend and I went on a road trip to Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. Both of these towns are about 3.5 hours away in NY. Why? It’s a nerdy answer. I’ve been watching Turn and it occurred to me I’ve never been to one of the Dutch Settlements. Yes, I’ve been to NYC, but…….

Good things: I swear we walked for two hours in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The place is huge. The art work on the outside of the mausoleums and the stained glass inside are gorgeous. Even some of the mausoleums are designs unto themselves – pagoda’s, Egyptian themed even Orthodox. Bonus: finding the mausoleum used for Dark Shadows.

Tarrytown Historical Society Curator – she was amazing. We spoke in- depth about Maj Andre’s capture. The museum features Andre’s cane, a drawing by him, pieces of his casket and the tree he was hung from and various other items. I was able to hold the buttons from John Paulding’s hessian coat. She asked us if we had been on the other side of the river where Andre was held and we said no. Ironically, when we went to leave, the way we came was pretty backed up; Waze took us across the river and by Andre’s makeshift prison. I guess he got the last laugh.

Lyndhurst House: Dark Shadow’s house. Grounds were extensive – house is gorgeous.

The scenery is beyond gorgeous.

The Bad: Season doesn’t start until 2 May. Sunnyside, Lyndhurst and guided cemetery tours weren’t happening. You can’t get on Sunnyside, Washington Irving’s estate like you can Lyndhurst. To tour the historic mill and barn behind the visitors center $$ is a must. We stood on the opposite bank and took photos. It was a little disappointing to find that there aren’t a lot of historical buildings from that time. Even the homes are more modern.

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