Facebook Creeper

A post I published on Facebook damn near divided my friends. Essentially this guy saw me on a dating app. He decided to do what smart people do, but took it a step further. After doing a check on me – which I assume he took my photo and used google photo to search for me; instead of using the dating app he saw me on – he contacted me directly through facebook. Creepy, right? He even admitted that it was kind of creepy. So if it’s kind of creepy – why the fuck are you continuing to do it?

But more to the point – most people loved his sincere message and suggested I give him a chance. What hold up? You all have NO concern about the invasion of privacy, predatory / stalkerish mannerisms and verbiage (creepy) in his message? Oh and the fact he’d like a reply either way. Who the fuck are yo???You like his ingenuity and his courage……. I’m just going to let that sit for a second.

How many times do you research someone before you have a date? I’m sure as HELL you respond to the dating app and not their person facebook accounts if you HAVE NEVER MET THEM BEFORE…., right? I did a bit of research of my own. Homeboy wants to be an educator….that’s right teach young kids. I wouldn’t trust my kids with this guy…..he’s also married. That might explain why he went through facebook vice the app. Never once in his message does he mention the married tidbit.


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