Last Night’s Date

We were supposed to meet at 6p.m. I get at text around 530 that he’s leaving work  Already I’m irked.  You can’t make it from Catonsville to me in 30 minutes during rush hour traffic….it’s at least 45 minutes.  Poor planning = wasting my time.  I text a friend who says she would give him the benefit of the doubt.  How? Texts are time stamped….sorry Charlie.

Why have we let our standards slip so much on what we expect? That’s a huge problem and it’s disrespectful.  There are certain things in life you plan to be on time for and a date should be one of them. Especially the first meeting. It’s one thing to encounter traffic or an accident and yes, a text stating you’re late will be nice, but if I know you’re already late out of the gate……that’s how its always going be. No thank you.

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