No Second Fucks Shall Be Given

talking to a guy back in March. We were supposed to meet the following Monday. Friday he went to a party and I never heard from him again.

He popped up apologizing, etc. and what’s a woman to do? It’s a catch 22. You’re an asshole if you don’t and you know what’s going to happen if you do. And I was right.

tried telling me he liked me for my intelligence to which I said if you did you wouldn’t have gone with the other woman.

he wanted to meet again…… I told him fine but I’m busy till next week and part of busy was a trip. He agreed. Ain’t no one so busy they only send 2 text messages per day yet can be on OKC numerous times.

i poked a stick telling him let me know what’s good for next week. Silence. Douchebag.

while waiting to board my plane back he told me he’d like me to see his new place. Now it comes out ….. and then wanted to meet after my plane landed. Say what? I countered back bad timing – I’m not dressed for it nor was I driving. His comment pity. Yes it’s a pity I’ve seen through you. That you’re on to the next shiny thing. Or that you have no manners and are uncouth.

No second fucks are going to be given after this. What happened to reserving someone’s time and not sounding like you want ass. Freaking narcissist.

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