Random Asshatery

Last week the same dude liked both my friend and I. Different dating platforms, same dude.  The only difference is that he asked her to the beach for Saturday.  Of course we’re sharing texts and she’s wondering if asking for a beach date is him MO.  So of course we devise a plan and I’m poking the stick.  Don’t have photos.

I wrote the guy thanks for liking me, but now it’s rather awkward as you’ve asked my friend to the beach.  He responds that my friend must not be interested as she’s not replied and he has no one to do anything with.  So petulant and he’s mid-40’s. I responded that I’m sure he will find someone to do something with and that I was curious.  Why’d she get the beach invite.  He promptly deleted me.

Round a million and one on the low key asking out. Two more guys want to do this same day bullshit. No effort in = no effort out. How hard is it to say: what are you doing on Wed; would you like to grab a drink? Ugh and ladies who do this same day meet up shit…..why are you feeding into this! Standards are there for a reason.  They differentiate the unimportant from the important.

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