No Second Fucks Shall Be Given Part 2.

The dude in No Second Fucks Shall Be Given has some balls.  I’ll give him that much.  Balls, but not intelligence. We met on OKC.  He liked me on Tinder (I rarely use this program)….seriously, after ghosting – a worthless apology – and asking me to meet after I get off of a plane last minute…. In the space that it took me to “like” him to block his ass, he sent me a message.  I kid you not.  His message pretty much said after he ghosted me and I did it to him (wait WTF that’s NOT how it happened) this is our last chance.

Refresher: He apologized for not meeting me as planned; he met someone at a party.  The only reason I was talking to him is that he swore that he’d meet me.  The meet would have to wait a week as both of us are on travel.  I did ask Thur of that week to let me know what day looks good the following week.  CRICKETS.  So I’m  sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight home. Dude man says I should see his new place and how about we meet after I get off the plane.  I counter back I’m not in dating mode; literally ball cap and no make up.  He says pity – he does not come back with how about another day.

So, I respond it’s a fat finger, please disregard.  I disagree with his statement ghosting and not asking someone out for a traditional date speaks volumes.  I probably could have gone in on last minute, convenience and how he didn’t counter another day, but I thought he wouldn’t get it.  I was right.  He responds he wanted to meet me not a hook up.  Not a gentleman ladies – all about the Kriegg show.  He further went on to say feel free to unmatch.  Unmatch, hell I blocked your ass.  Trash took itself out.

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