Quality vs Fun part 2

Talking to a coworker who was thrilled when I started seeing the Ginger.  So, I filled her in on last weeks disastrous date. She said he sounded dumb, but not awful and then asked does he pay for everything?  If he pays can you ride it out.  What the utter fuck?

Let me break this down……you want me to continue to be dis-respected just because someone pays for something?  That’s akin to  forced prostitution. My friends might not hold a car door open for me, but at least we RESPECT each other enough to ask where we want to meet and at what time, is this movie okay, how about eating here, etc. etc.  Which the Ginger did neither of.  And what’s this business of suck it up – if he pays for it? Personally using someone to pay for dinner or drinks is just wrong.   That’s my opinion.  So I guess that we’re teaching guys as long as you pay; I’ll go along with anything.  UGH. I’d rather be single at this point.

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