Another Plane / Drink Frog

Why do guys / boys think it’s acceptable to meet for a drink after you get off an eight hour flight?  More importantly right after you’ve been working, which they know, across the world? Ladies, why are you giving into these guys? Started talking to a boy before I left.  I admitted I was TDY, etc. etc.  He could tell I wasn’t in the US by the time differences on the messages.

On this trip I could not fly into the local airport.  Simply because there was a connecting flight to get there and my co-worker and I had too much stuff.  There’s no way we would be making the sprint at JFK to the baggage area, back through security to another terminal and gate.  It would have been hilarious for the bystanders.  Anyway, I let him know I land.  I make it home two hours later and once I’m settled on the couch just relaxing he asks if I want to go for drinks.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I’ve been on an eight hour flight, plus the standard 3 hours, plus the time I needed to get up in the morning.

I write back are you serious – did you just ask me out?  Yeah, why not.  I did it after I got off the plane from Korea.  I don’t give a flying fuck WHAT YOU did off the plane to Korea.  Since when did we start breeding savages with no tact and manners.  At this point, I’m pissed and I’m cranky.  I think my coworker and I were only getting four hours of sleep per night.  So I tell him this isn’t going to work.  I’m looking for someone to reserve my time for a proper date whether it be coffee or dinner.  I also express that his request is I feel very selfish.  I’d think most people would get what I’m putting down.

He replies that dating is too daunting he’d rather start out as friends due to the pressure.  Well I can see why you’d be pressured, dumb ass.  You can’t even ask a woman out.  If I have to tell you how to ask me out – it’s done ,bud.  Done.  I’m scratching my head at his response because I agree with the friend.  I tell him so and then go into I don’t do same day meet up – it doesn’t hurt to ask someone how a future day is doing.  Hell, I wouldn’t even ask my friends out the way he asked me. His next response…how’s your Wednesday? There are not enough fucks in the world to even begin to deal with this.

Also on an off note – I’ve been getting a lot of married men or the whole I’m in town for a few days.  Ladies, stop meeting the guys who are coming into town….let them hire an escort.  It’s the escort’s job and I’m sure they might like some business.  Honestly, it’s setting a very bad example if boys are asking outright and think it’s okay.  One guy was engaged and looking for fun.  I wish someone would let his fiancé know.  Other men are looking for “travel companions”.  There are sites for this shit.

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