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Cornelius Sulla I Think You Are Married

So, username Cornelius Sulla hit me up with an email about a month ago. Seems he’s a cop and a Marine reservist….what does that already tell me? A. Batshit crazy B. Probably is married so he has the wifie and … Continue reading

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Kevin The Cop

Met for a drink and immediately realized that his photos were taken a few years ago.  Sigh and realize there is beer here!  So Kevin tells me he’s a cop…more specifically he’s been a beat cop for 17 years!  17 … Continue reading

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Bunker10 aka Howard County Cop (Sprite’s into to the 3 to 5 date rule)

Well I thought I’d hit it off…..but instead this was a learning lesson all in a week and a half. Met this Howard County cop for coffee on a Saturday.  Things seemed to be going very well.  He asked me … Continue reading

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